The Process

🌟 How we can help

Mint Maven provides Grant Funding Prospects, Application Prep + Custom Tracking Software
to help your creative business get funded.


  1. Lack of time and/or staff

  2. Fierce Competition

  3. Difficulty finding grant prospects

🌟 THE Process

Mint Maven's process is just 3 meetings. Step 1 is to book your free inquiry talk. Click the link below.

  1. Mint Maven | INQUIRY TALK

  2. Choose your preferred package to get started.

  3. Sign your contract + Pay your entry fee then wait for your custom database link to arrive via email. Prep for your first zoom call with Mint Maven!

The Process

We Value

  1. Creativity

  2. Kindness

  3. Integrity

  4. Purpose + Focus

📣 Target Audience

We specialize in working with Creative Businesses, and Entrepreneurs who are: honest, respectful, kind, engaged in their work, have follow through, and creativity. If this sounds like you you're in the right place.

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Grant Award Amounts
• Small = $100 - $5k.
• Medium = $5k- $50k.
• Large = $50k + above.

📣 Packages

All available packages apply to small + medium sized grants. Please inquire with Kimberly for pricing on opportunities over $50k.

Opportunity Spotter


Funder Matching.
Your report comes
in a custom made/
customizable Notion database
with a curated listing of 20 opportunities, and educational support
all designed to help
you get funded.


Mint Maven in the Wild

The Mint Maven Tracking system keeps your fundraising efforts all in
one place. The Opportunity Spotter package is included in this package. This custom built database will help you manage every opportunity, collects relevant business information, and tracks your submissions. 3 grant applications are included.


Mint Maven in the Wild

For those looking for it all,
This is the best option. You get Opportunity Spotter, App Prep, pitch deck template, video coaching, and 5 grant submissions. "Hidden menu items" are available to add to this package if and when needed.


Mint Maven proudly uses Notion + HelloSIgn.

🌟 FAQ's

  1. Q: HOW MUCH DOES IT COST FOR HELP WITH APPLYING FOR A GRANT? A: Grant service project fees start at $1000 and go to $10,000 depending on the complexity of the project.

  2. Q: WHAT TYPE OF GRANTS ARE AVAILABLE? A: General Operations Grant, General Purpose Grant, Matching or Challenge Grant, Endowment Grant, Seed Money or Start Up Funds.

  3. Q: WHAT IS A GRANT? A: Money you don’t have to pay back — but you have to qualify, and each opportunity has its own requirements. For example, nonprofit or not-for-profit organizations need a Letter of Determination from the IRS proving tax-exempt status. For-profit businesses can apply for certain grants if they are eligible. Mint Maven, LLC works with female owned, creative, for profit organizations to apply for grants.

  4. Q: WHAT IS CREATIVE PLACEMAKING? A: Americans For The Arts defines Creative Placemaking as the use of arts and culture by diverse. partners to strategically shape the physical and social character of a place in order to spur. economic development, promote enduring social change and improve the physical. environment.

  5. Q: WHAT CAN A GRANT PAY FOR? A: Grants can fund things like: staff salaries, equipment, office space, utilities, travel meetings, + more. Sometimes grant funding can mean achieving your mission with full capacity.

  1. Q: CAN I PAY A PROFESSIONAL A PERCENTAGE OF MY GRANT WINNINGS VS PAYING FOR THE SERVICE SEPERATELY? A: NO. Two professional organizations, the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Grant Professionals Association, bar grant writers from taking a percentage of the grant, also known as working on commission. If you choose the opposite route, it carries a high risk for implications of the financial status of a non, or for profit + the grant writer.

  2. Q: WHAT ARE MY CHANCES OF SUCCESS? A: If you apply by yourself your chances of winning are less than 1 in 10. Applying for a grant with 2 people (you + me) your chances of winning go up by 75%. If you apply to 5-10 grants a cycle, you will most likely win at least 1! Preparation, relationship building, + merit are key.

  3. Q: DO I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN? A: Do you know the donor’s prerequisites? Can you present a well-crafted idea, excellent research, collaboration, innovation, and why you need the proposed funds? Grant writing is a skilled trade. If you can paint a masterpiece with words alone you're a shoe in. Practice make progress here!

  4. Q: HOW MANY HOURS DOES IT TAKE TO FINISH AN APPLICATION? A: Federal : 40-60, Specialized : 100-180, Foundation : 4-8, Corporate: 4-8, State : 10-20, Individuals : 2-8.


2022 :
• Comcast Rise Creative
+ Media Award
• The Freed Fellowship
2021 :
• CASE Credit Union + Transformation Gems WOC In Business
• LEAP One + All Program
• LEAP Equipment Grant
• Ingham County Sunrise Grant
• The Fledge: 99 Problems but a pitch ain’t one pitch competition

2018-2020 :
• Artist Relief Fund
• Savannah College of Art + Design Merit Scholarship
2017 :
• Lansing City Pulse + FOX 47: Top of The Town—Inaugural Best Visual Artist
• Arts Council of Greater Lansing:
Chris Clark Fellow
2016 :
Arts Council of Greater Lansing:
• Art in the Sky Billboard Project

2012 :
Arts Council of Greater Lansing:
• Chris Clark Fellow
• Individual Artist Grant
• Art in the Sky Billboard Project
2008 :
• Windgate Fellowship Nominee
2006-2008 :
• Kendall College of Art + Design President’s List
2005-2008 :
• Federal College Work Study
• Kendall College of Art + Design Merit Scholarship

Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

🌟 Kimberly Lavon
CEO + Creative Writer

I founded and joined Mint Maven in 2022 as the Creative Writer + CEO of the agency. Prior to my work here, I was the Creative Director of Thimble Media. We delivered Brand Identity + Strategy to a myriad of businesses. Before that I was the Fine Artist/Print Shop Owner of Kimberly Lavon INK. During my tenure at the printshop I helped the studio work on projects with esteemed clients: Detroit Institute of Art + Lululemon. I took part in creative placemaking nation wide for over 2 decades + represented 89,000 creatives state wide at Michigan Art Advocacy Day. I am a Masters graduate of Savannah College of Art + Design where I majored in Advertising, + an Undergraduate of Kendall of Art + Design where I studied Fine Art Printmaking + Graphic Design. I currently live in Lansing, Michigan with my cat Sherlock. When I'm not busy with working on research + writing, you can find me eating popcorn + watching movies at home. 🍿 🎥 🏠

🆓 Freebies

Mint Maven follows
a "FULL or FREE policy".

This means all our packages are
full priced. If you're not ready for 1:1
work you can access any one of these
great freebies to get started on your own.

Free Resources


Get a free PDF download with a newsletter subscription.

Trusted By

Mint Maven is a wealth of experience and expertise around grant writing.
She helped us put together a grant playbook and greatly simplified and sped up our process to apply for grants. Thanks for all the help! Ash G. | Ojaswe

Honey Bun Bakery

Kimberly has been such a gem to work with! I went into the world of grants blind and she definitely was a light in the darkness in helping me understand how to navigate this world. Grants aside, I've also made a LOT of useful connections in the Lansing area specifically to help me grow my business. I am FOREVER grateful for this relationship I have gained. Liz K. | Honey Bun Bakery

Know Buddies

I thought I was sleeping because Mint Maven made my dreams come true.
I’m absolutely blown away by the service, clarity, and quality provided. Thank you Kimberly!
Matt P. | Know Buddies Designs

Working with Kimberly and Mint Maven is like teaming up with your own personal superhero. At every step of her process I was blown away by the speed at which she works and the high quality of the work itself. Not to mention her ability to make the complex world of grants (which I had absolutely no idea about) seem like very doable is just one more aspect of her superpowers.All of that put together makes me feel like I made a very very good choice by asking her to help me find funding.
David D. | EVRGRN

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